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Stand out from the competitors,
be chosen by boaters.

We love boats, those who create them, and those who enjoy them.

Helping companies that offer valuable products and services to grow their business and create lasting relationships with their customers is our contribution to building a better nautical world.

For those who create the boats, for those who enjoy them,
and even for those who only see them sail.





Branding & Positioning

Do you know why you remember one brand and not another? When you think of a product, a specific brand comes to your mind? Have you ever wondered why, despite there being dozens of manufacturers of every item, you end up remembering only two or three at most? It’s marketing, darling!

We enable you to enter not only the mind but also the heart of your customer by helping you create an identity that is uniquely yours.

Creation of Sales Offers

To attract customers and sell boats, it’s essential to craft the famed “irresistible offer”. Attention: this doesn’t mean lowering the price of your products with endless discounts. On the contrary, our goal is to help you maximize profits.

For this reason, it is necessary to develop sales proposals that, by their structure, make the customer think: “if I don’t buy this now, I’m really missing out” – and this has nothing to do with the price, but with the value of what you’re offering and your ability to convey it.

Lead Generation

“People don’t buy goods and services, but relationships, stories, and magic,” wrote Seth Godin, one of the world’s leading marketing experts.

To acquire new customers, it’s crucial to understand what they are looking for and tell them how we will solve their problems while fulfilling their desires.

Even when talking about boats: it’s by developing a relationship that you can overcome the skepticism and the urge to flee that we all have when someone tries to sell us something.

Commercial Support

How is the social media campaign performing? Are the potential clients well-profiled or just useless contacts? Who in your shipyard is taking contact and trying to turn a name and a phone number into a sales appointment and then into a sold boat?

We help you standardize these procedures, from the first phone call to a potential buyer, through the feedback your sales force must give to marketing, and controlling the numbers to make investments more profitable.

Digital Marketing

We can provide you with everything you need to be present and credible in terms of communication in the 21st century. From creating a website with a customized and exclusive design developed together with you, to managing social media pages.

From creating your company’s image to producing videos and photos for official communication.

PR and Press Office

In the vast sea of communication in the world of boating, our experience in public relations and press office functions like a reliable compass, guiding you through the turbulent waters of visibility and reputation. Like a favorable wind, we aim to make this journey both enjoyable and fruitful.

Our skill in public relations (PR) and press office is what sets a memorable brand apart from an anonymous one. We have strong ties with journalists, publishers, and influencers in the nautical sector. We create compelling press releases that highlight your strengths and disseminate important news and updates through both digital and traditional channels.





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Our Boat Selling System method is based on 25 years of experience in journalism and 14 years in social media activities and has already helped companies like Suzuki Marine Italy, Tuccoli, Tuxedo Yachting House, Custom Boats Italy, and H2Boat to achieve their goals: more awareness, more contacts, and more customers.

Who we are


LLiquida is specialized in communication, marketing, and consulting services for the nautical sector.

It is NOT an agency, but a partner that supports nautical companies in a 360° capacity.

We are a group of professionals passionate about everything that sails the sea and everything that can and must be used to make one’s voice heard in the 21st century. That is how we satisfy our customers.


We provide shipyards and companies operating in the sector with all the means necessary to enhance the reputation of their brand to make it iconic.

We highlight and communicate their strengths and qualities. We differentiate them from the rest of the market, ensuring they are valued for their worth and not their price.

And, if necessary, we help them make their business processes more efficient and profitable. And we help them sell by improving the integration between marketing and sales.

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Giacomo Giulietti

Founder – CEO

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Co Founder – CFO

Clarissa Trianni

Art Director

Nicola Franchini

Web Developer

Boris Lambertelli


Massimo Chiodelli


Silvia Di Vittorio

Project Manager

Jacopo Dario Vanelli

PR – Account


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