Why is the Boat Selling System Different?

Why is the Boat Selling System Different? And Why is it the Best Solution to Help You Sell More Boats?

You’ve probably dealt with agencies and professionals who offered to handle your
communications. Maybe you even have the famous “cousin” who created your website or is
managing your social media pages.
Or perhaps, taking time away from your real job of building and selling boats, you’ve tried to
do it all yourself, only to achieve unsatisfactory results – in other words, not selling more
Yet, this is a historic moment when it seems that anyone who builds boats can’t keep up with
the demand: “if it floats, it sells” is the talk among dealers and brokers on the docks.
Yet, you struggle to find clients or, once found, find it hard not to slash prices with discounts
that eat into your profit margin.
Do you know why?
Most likely, what’s missing is a key figure and function in your company, translating the
strengths of your product into effective offers and communication aimed solely at selling.
We’re talking about real marketing.
The Boat Selling System is the method developed by LLiquida to help you sell your boats
with effective offers and communication.
And do you know why it’s different from all the others?
Firstly, because it specializes in the nautical world and speaks your language, addressing
your customer. It knows them and understands what appeals to them.
It knows how to capture their attention so they desire your boat, not your competitor’s (who,
by the way, builds inferior boats and sells them at a higher price).
LLiquida is the only Italian agency specializing in marketing and communication for the
nautical industry, created by professionals who have been in this sector since the late 1990s.
We know the technical tools, like every serious professional, but unlike others, we also know
the clients, the market, and the products. We offer you this knowledge to help you sell your
More than likes on Facebook, hearts on Instagram, and newspaper articles (which we can
still get you), we’re interested in your sales.
That’s why our work is aimed at finding more clients for you. Through all the tools that well-
done marketing provides.
Strategic tools that define why you are different from all the others: if you and your
competitors seem the same in the client’s mind, the only thing that matters is who offers the

lowest price (and I don’t think you want to be chosen just because you offer more discounts
than everyone else).
But also, and above all, operational tools, like offers (watch out: these are not discounts!)
and social media promotion campaigns that will force you to increase your sales agents
within a few months to keep up with all the requests for information and potential sales.
We have thus decided to offer this opportunity to someone like you, who wants real tools to
achieve tangible results, meaning more boats sold.
Call us now for a consultation worth 300 euros that will cost you nothing! We will analyze
your situation together and provide you with an immediate action plan to start seeing your
contacts and sales grow.
You can implement it yourself (with all our “good luck” for your results), have it followed by
the cousin or whoever you think can provide such support.
Or you can work with us and use our services to see your turnover grow month after month
at unprecedented rates.
Why do we do this and not even ask you for a euro? Simply because we believe that a
healthier nautical industry helps us all work better and also to introduce you to all our
But hurry up: by choice, we only take care of the clients we can follow to the best of our
ability, so we only offer this opportunity to 5 companies a month.
Call 335330471 or send an email to info@lliquida.com.

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