Generalist Web Agency Vs Boat Selling System

Do you know why the communication agencies you’ve tried so far haven’t completely
convinced you?

Sure, you needed a website and they created it, they follow and post on social media 2-3
times a week, and throughout this, you’ve explained to them what you do and what your
products are.

Yet, you can’t seem to figure out how much of this investment is returning to you in terms of
potential clients.

Not to mention that often the communications they publish are “off the mark,” talking about
boats as if they were toothpaste, t-shirts, or dog food, and you can’t make them understand
exactly how they are not meeting your needs.

They don’t lack professional or technical skills, I’m almost sure of that, but I’m also sure that
they lack at least one of these two elements (often both):

  • being focused on nautical (I’m more than certain of this because in Italy LLiquida is the only
    marketing and communication reality specific for Nautical),
  • providing a service of strategic marketing and then direct marketing.
    This means that you’ve asked them to communicate your products and your company, but
    since the generalist web agency does not offer this type of essential service for you, they
    haven’t been able to ask you the right questions before starting the communication.
    Moreover, almost certainly you:
  • haven’t told them what your positioning is, nor that of your competitors (because your
    shipyard has a positioning, right?!),
  • haven’t communicated to them in a specific and crystal-clear way your strengths and
  • haven’t provided them with offers, but only discounts,
  • haven’t been able to tell them what your promise to the market is.

By the way, would you be able to answer or illustrate all the above points regarding your

In this situation, it’s normal that the communication they could come up with for you on the
website or social media is limited to saying “how beautiful and good you are at doing what
you do.”
It’s nice and entertaining, but at most it allows you to make your brand a little more known.

Certainly not to sell.

Moreover, if you’ve followed me so far and are still reading my emails, you have surely
internalized the fact that beauty is not an objective value.

Your products must not be communicated as better, but as different, telling your uniqueness
and justifying the fact that your price is higher than the competition and that you cannot and
do not want to discount, devaluing your product.

Only these considerations are not required of the classic web agency (nor the press office);
it’s your marketing department that should come to feed all these strategic elements into the

This is also why with my collaborators, I created LLiquida and the Boat Selling System,
respectively the first marketing and communication agency specialized in the nautical world
and the method to help you sell your boats with offers and effective communication.

Do you want to find out more about what it involves and all the things you can take away
even in just one hour of conversation?

The offer of a free consultation (which we normally sell for 300 €) is still valid, in which we
see together the activities to be carried out to start growing your customer list at a pace you
thought was not possible.

Then you will decide whether to take our advice and work on it internally or whether to let us
assist you.

But hurry: by choice, we only take care of clients we can follow to the best of our ability, so
we only offer this opportunity to 5 shipyards a month.
Are you sure you want to miss it?

Call 335330471 or send an email to

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