What Happens If You Do Nothing

«Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results».

A quote often attributed to Albert Einstein, and sometimes to Benjamin Franklin or Mark

In reality, it comes from a 1981 document of Narcotics Anonymous. Regardless of its source,
we can only agree with its content.

You would like yachtsmen to seek you out to buy your boats, as you deserve, given the
passion and attention with which you build them.

You would like to have a waiting list for your products like many of your competitors, most of
whom produce boats of lower quality than yours.

Imagine being able to say, “I’m sorry, but we don’t apply discounts,” and hearing in
response, “No problem, I’ll order your boat anyway!” Yet…

You struggle to find customers for your boats. The situation in the company is increasingly

There’s nervousness in the management, often if there are partners, they blame each other,
and instead of trying to solve the situation, they end up looking for someone to blame.

Also, the workers and staff perceive this condition of discomfort and work half-heartedly.

But that’s not enough, when a customer appears, you try to limit disbelief and contain
excessive enthusiasm and prepare as best you can to give your boats a chance.

And as someone might have explained to you what to do, you start to shower them with
words, listing every single detail of your product.

And before they can say anything, to be sure of selling, you start with discounts, price
reductions, and various concessions.

Do you know the result?

If the customer buys, it’s only because you’ve so heavily discounted that you’ve even
undercut the already slashed and ridiculous prices of the competition (and so your profit
margins are gone, never to return).

If, on the other hand, they don’t buy (the more likely solution), it’s because they will now use
your quote as a tool to get even more discounts elsewhere.
In both cases, you and your shipyard have achieved the worst profit ever.

The customer gets everything they want, obtaining what interests them and making you pay
for it almost exclusively;
you get no real satisfaction, just unpaid work;
you’ve just shown a potential customer that it takes little to make you offer a lower price,
whenever they want.

And so your business continues unchanged: few boats sold and earnings still reduced to

Do you want to stop being the laughing stock of the customer and at the mercy of their every

Would you like to be sure of being considered for the real value of your boats and conclude
every negotiation satisfactorily, without having to destroy your margins for a positive

You can choose to continue giving discounts left and right… I won’t stop you.
But you also have a different solution that will completely change the course of your

It’s not a magic wand, the only one who performed miracles doesn’t work with us, and we
haven’t learned yet. Instead, we have knowledge of the sector and the tools to help your
company grow.

We at LLiquida have decided to offer enterprising shipyards wanting to change the pace of
their business growth a unique opportunity.

A free consultation lasting an hour and worth 300 euros, in which we see together the
activities to be carried out to start growing your customer list at a pace you thought was not

Then you will decide whether to take our advice and work on it internally or whether to let us
assist you.

But hurry: by choice, we only take care of clients we can follow to the best of our ability, so
we only offer this opportunity to 5 shipyards a month.

Are you sure you want to miss it?

Call 335330471 or send an email to info@lliquida.com

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