The Story of Tuccoli – Case Study

Here’s how a shipyard with over 70 years of history increased its potential customers by
100% in just one month.

In Livorno, they had tried everything to improve the situation, but nothing seemed to work.
Sales numbers remained low. Yet the shipyard had all the right credentials: excellent boats,
well-designed, and well-built; tradition dating back to the early 1950s; determined and
enthusiastic management, skilled and willing workers, and an active and dynamic sales
department. It seemed a paradox, in a time when big brands were selling more boats than they could
build, to the point where customers were content to wait two years just to secure one, this
shipyard struggled to complete production.
But that wasn’t enough. The so-called dealers were not helping to achieve the goal: they
didn’t buy models to resell, and they asked for endless discounts to buy the boats only when
they had already sold them.

The only result the shipyard achieved was to slash its margins to the bone without even the
chance to take care of the customer directly, thus leaving the customer as the property of the
dealer, not the builder.

The situation was really heavy and seemed hopeless, but then one day one of the shipyard’s
sales people introduced the owner to LLiquida, the first and only marketing and
communication agency specific for the nautical sector, consisting of professionals who have
been in the industry for over 25 years.

LLiquida introduced him to the Boat Selling System, the method designed to increase sales
and, therefore, the turnover of shipyards.
Despite being discouraged and skeptical, he decided that trying this other route would
certainly not worsen the situation. What did he have to lose?
To his amazement, but not ours, the difference was like night and day. It was almost as if the

Boat Selling System had been tailor-made for that shipyard.
The Tuscan company went from not receiving even one email for information requests to
having to manage over 700 names with phone numbers in just one month. And all thanks to
the application of the Boat Selling System method.
We like to work with dynamic companies willing to take risks to achieve results.
For this reason, we decided to offer a limited number of companies eager to boost their
sales and consequently their profits, the opportunity to receive a free one-hour consultation
worth 300 euros, in which we outline the steps to implement the Boat Selling System.

Call or write to us now to get your consultation.
We will analyze your situation together and provide you with an immediate action plan to
start seeing your contacts and sales grow. You can implement it yourself (with all our best
wishes for your success), have it followed by whomever you think can provide such support.

Or you can work with us and take advantage of our services to see your turnover grow
month after month at rates never seen before.
Why do we do this? Because we believe that those who have the right credentials and want
to grow should have all the tools to do so in order to stand out in the sea of competition.

But hurry: by choice, we only take care of clients we can follow to the best of our ability, so
we only offer this opportunity to 5 shipyards a month.

Call 335330471 or send an email to
Are you sure it’s worth missing such an opportunity?

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