Why a Press Office is NOT for You!

WARNING: We’re not saying that press offices are useless – far from it, as we also offer this

But if you’re reading this email, it’s because your goal is to sell more

And if you’re not a multinational company, which needs to take great care of its corporate
communication, relying on a press office BEFORE you’ve taken care of your marketing will
not increase your sales. It will certainly make you spend more.

It might give you prestige compared to the competition because you’re featured in a local
newspaper as the sponsor of fishing event X, or because you present a “new” model at the
Genoa Boat Show that’s 2 feet longer than last year’s, but if your competitor ends up selling
more boats than you, what good is your newspaper article? 🙂

In a world that is extremely self-referential and full of fake news, people are increasingly
distrustful of companies’ institutional communication. Therefore, rather than spending money
to produce a press release that will be copied and pasted by online industry magazines,
perhaps you should focus on defining IRRESISTIBLE OFFERS for your potential customers.
Notoriety is certainly important, but you know what matters even more? CREDIBILITY.
And to be credible in what you communicate, your boats/inflatables/dinghies must indeed
fulfill the promise you make to your customers.

Which promise?

Well, the one that unmistakably differentiates you from your competitors.
The one that defines who you are and, most importantly, what your boats represent in the

A message that is repeated relentlessly in all your communication until it firmly embeds itself
in your potential customer’s mind so that at some point, if they want a boat/inflatable/dinghy,
they will inevitably think of you.

Can you instantly say what your promise to the market is?

And do your salespeople know the positioning of your company and each of your products to
sell effectively?

If you need to think about it for a moment, maybe we can do it together…
LLiquida is the first and only marketing and communication agency for the nautical sector in
Italy, created and composed of professionals who have been operating in the sector since
the last century!!!

We decided to create such an agency because no one in Italy has provided this type of
service so far, while there are dozens of companies offering you press offices or to manage your social media pages, without having the slightest knowledge of the market you are
How do you think you can increase your commercial success by doing the same things you
have done so far?

We might have an idea of how to achieve the results you desire (by doing things differently
from what has brought you here so far).

If you want to talk about it, call 335330471 or send an email to info@lliquida.com.

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